The knife serie are included in a big collection VARDAGEN that has its values in tradition and handicraft. The feeling is a warm, natural and simple life with products made of materials of high quality.

We designed VARDAGEN knives inspired by (genuine) old-fashioned kitchen knives with a robust and timeless feel. Because cooking is a craft, we gave the knives honest, simple lines that give good grip and easy handling.

Made of molybdenum/vanadium stainless steel, which is why the knife stays sharp for a very long time.

Dots – Acoustic Wall Panels

Okko is a swedish company, specialised on sound absorbing product solutions for public environments. We have designed the pattern ”Dots” for wall panel. You can combine the panel in different ways to get various lookings on the walls.

The panels are made in two different materials and both are available in a wide range of color and pattern combinations.

Standard size: 60 x 60 x 4 cm

The lightgrey panel is made of frameless peat fiber moss, 100 % natural and ecological material with extremely good acoustic propertys (sound absorption class A)

The black panel is made out of 25-aPerf®, toxicologically harmless, mostly recycled polyester, 100 % recycable and nonallergic.

They are made both convex and concave. OR Positive and negative relief.

The excess material from one, makes the pattern on the other. You can use only concave or convex panels on a wall for a smooth wall or you can mix them to get a relief wall.


GastroMax is a swedish company founded 1990 in Småland. Kitchen utensils of plastic and metal are produced in the factories in Gnosjö and Tingsryd. The assortment/products are sold at retailers in Scandinavia and Europe.

GastroMax has always developed their products in close collaboration with the Swedish Elite Chef Team to ensure the quality of the products.

When we were asked to update the assortment, the request was to design products that apply to new food trends, in design as well as functions. Our first project/commission was to design a new utensil collection with focus on vegetarian cooking with innovative solutions. Per Gustafsson, a renowned chef and food innovator who runs the food studio PS Matsal in Stockholm, tested the utensils during the developing process and gave us professional feedback. All utensils have long handles with a hole in the top and are made in plastic with matte surface.

Cooking tongs – With extra big grabbing-part, is designed for turning heavy and porous beefs in the frying pan.

Cooking Spoon – Has its heritage in an Asian wok spoon, with an optimal shape for stir frying, mixing & serving.

Turner – Great for turning, lifting and mixing food in the pan. The short flexible blade easily slips under food and is perfect for a smaller pan.

Colander spoon – Great for a lot of different moments in the kitchen, i.e. for blanching vegetables and for draining pasta.

Tenugui Exhibition in Japan

We have designed a Tenugui for the Japanese company Kamawanu that is showed
on the Exhibition FIKA at Swedish Ambassy in Tokyo.
The exhibition is an opening event for a project called Scandinavian Pattern Collection,
that started as a joint project by Plus Licens & Design in Tokyo and Swedenstyle in Stockholm.
They introduce and promote Scandinavian designers to the Japanese market.
23 designers have created a pattern for a Tenugui, which is a thin Japanese piece of textile
made of cotton. It is about 35 by 90 centimeters in size, plain woven and dyed with
some pattern in a traditional hand dyeing technique called ”Chusen”.
It can be used for a lot of dierent things, often as a headband, souvenir or decoration.
We will be in Tokyo for the opening to talk about our work, our Tenugui and to meet clients.

Mug ”Bakelse” for Ikea

IKEA asked us to design our own favourite mug for the best ”fika”-moments. ”Fika” is a Swedish expression for having a nice time while drinking some hot beverage together. The ”Bakelse” mug is double walled, so even if the inside is hot, you can always embrace the mug with your hands without getting burned.

The mug is made of feldspar porcelain and the design has its heritage in old, small and thin porcelain coffee cups. The relief rim in the bottom is for instance a feature inspired by the classic Swedish coffee cups.

The inspiration for the decor comes from a café in Barcelona. Printed in Dalecarlia blue colour, the cup looks like a mix of all things we love from the ”fika” moments.

Cutlery ”Gondol” & ”Gondolette” for Klong

Barbro designed the ”Gondol” and it’s siblings the ”Gondolettes” to be the perfect cutlery for the buffet or the birthday party. They are produced by the Swedish designer brand Klong, known for it’s innovative but timeless design for interior products and objects for the set table.

”Gondol” a sensual but very functional serving knife for both sweet cakes and food courses. It has a sharp, broad egg that makes it both easy to cut and to serve with. The handle is turned 45 degrees in order to get a good grip.  The curved shape of the egg makes it easy to serve gratins from deep bowls for example. The design is inspired and developed from a typical Swedish cake slicer and a chop knife from Thailand.

The Gondol’s little siblings, The Gondolettes, are for the party guests to eat with. With both a sharp edge to slice with and fork tags to pick up the food with, it’s perfect for getting delicious sweet cakes, tapas, cheese or small sandwiches in your mouth. The material is a mix of stainless steel and matte polished brass.

Tableware ”Epistel” for Ikea

“Epistel” is a porcelain collection for IKEA with a wide range of products for the set table. The fallen leaves of a flower on a table inspired us to an functional and organic design.

It was the smooth and open shapes in the leaves that attracted us – a perfect natural shape. The result is a flexible feldspar set that works perfectly both in homes and in restaurants.

It consisted in four plates in different sizes, two bowls, tea and coffee-cups and a elongated plate for sushi or tapas with usable baby bowls for saces and dipping.

It´s created like an old fashioned set but with an extra wide range for using; each piece in the set works very good for eating and serving.

The elegant and plain shape brings a lot of possibilities to place the pieces in different formations, a bit strictly or in a more organic way. By making the footring a bit higher, the food seems to be uplifted from the table and looks tastier.

Fabrics collection ”Kajsastina” for Ikea

A textile collection designed for IKEA sold by the metre. We wanted to design patterns that inspired and encouraged the customers to create for them selves. A google search on Kajsa-Stina gives us the feeling that we have succeeded: it’s amazing what people has created with our textiles.

The patterns are inspired by details and fragments in the nature, like leaves, flowers, seeds and moss.  We wanted to do a graphic, elegant and sober collection  but it should still be soft and alive in its expression.

We also wanted the collection to include both very large and small scale patterns inorder to enable the users to create an exiting mix in a room. For example by using the big patterns for draperies and the small ones on cushions.

Vases ”Blomster” for Ikea

The vase range Blomster is one of our broadest product collections. We created a tailor made wardrobe of vases made to fit all different kinds of flowers and all different kinds of occasions.

We consulted the renowned flower stylist Peter Ödegaard, who opened up a new universe of plants and flowers to us. He followed the project and gave us valuable feedback all through the working process.

At an early stage of the project, we realized that it was the plants’ needs that should be in focus. We thoroughly measured stalks, flowers, leaves and bouquets and then started to frame them with soft and organic shapes.

The brief was just as alive as the plants: it changed during the process and the project ended up with a collection of 17 vases, from a tiny little piece for dinner decoration to a gigantic floor vase. All vases were mouth blown, some were tinted, some had hand-cut decors and some of them had sand blasted motifs.

Candleholders ”Blomster” for Ikea

The Blomster collection of candle holders is one of our broadest collections, just as the Blomster vase collection. The ambition was to create a complete wardrobe with pieces for all kinds of needs and occasions.

We wanted the design to be a combination of the sensual and functional and to link to the vases. We strived to create an expression that was timeless, classic and modern at the same time.

The candle holders are just like the vases made of glass and the two collection offers an endless variety of combinations to make a nice setting for the table.

The triple pack of the candle holders in three different hights for high candles was a great success for IKEA and are represented in almost every mans home.

Carpet collection for Adesso Sthlm

A carpet with a pattern of the rings of a tree was the first carpet Pia designed. ”31 years” was shown at her graduation exhibition at Beckman’s School of Design and it was made in cooperation with Kasthall.

Pia followed up the concept with another carpet on the same theme, a relief cut carpet with pattern made of the rings on water, named ”Gimmen”, after the lake were Pia grew up. Along came ”Leaves”, ”Whirls”, ”Waves”, ”Magnolia” and ”Twig”, all produced by Adesso Stockholm and made in a small factory in the north of India with a long tradition of craftsmanship.

As part of the design process, Pia visited the factory to get a good understanding of the whole process, from the colouring of the yarn to the making of tufted and weaved carpets.

In addition to that, Pia has designed some weaved carpets with patterns inspired by old cross stitch embroidery as well as weaved and tufted carpets with different Hexagon patterns.

Glass Collection ”Skir” for Ikea

With the ”Skir” collection we wanted to give IKEA four glasses for festive occasions with shapes that gives an obvious, elegant impression with an inviting generosity.

The champagne glass is a classic flute, thin and high. The wineglass has a big coupe for both red and white wine, the cocktail glass has a generous wide opening for drinks like Cosmopolitan and the tumbler is for all other drinks like water, beer and soft dinks.

All moments from the mouth blown coupes to the decorations are handmade. The first edition of Skir had decors in a graphic organic style, different on all four glass, made in different  techniques like cutting, engraving and olive cuts.

The second edition came a few years later, with patterns of a plant called ”Blodtopp”. The delicate pattern with small details was spread on the glasses in a way that should give them a feeling of that the nature was growing in to them.

Lamp collection ”Vitemölla” for Ikea

A collection of lamps, inspired by both the charming atmosphere of the old bath hotel in the South of Sweden and raw industrialism to fit the contemporary bathroom.

IKEA gave us the commission to design a collection of six lamps for the bathroom: two different roof lamps and sconces, a plafond and a spotlight. The expression should be a mix of basic and industrial and fit together with bathroom materials such as porcelain, glass and metal. The brief also stated that the lamps should fit in both the modernistic as well as the classic bathrooms interiors that are popular today.

We used classic white shiny porcelain, white opal glass and black, matt laquered metal. The lamps are IP44 classed, which means that they are safe to use in ”wet” spaces and can also be used outside.


Napkin ”Mätt” for Ikea

With this pattern for napkins, we wanted to bring a lively feeling to the dinner table by creating large scale, organic patterns instead of creating another traditional small and detailed pattern. To make use of an unexpected scale on a product is something that´s interests us and it can sometimes make a product feel new, beautiful and interesting at the same time.

Book & exhibition ”17 Swedish Designers”

The Stockholm based design gallery ”Gallery Pascale” presented 17 of Sweden’s  product and furniture designers, featuring us and 15 colleagues, in a book and an exhibition that travelled Europe and the USA for over six years.

The owner of the Gallery, Pascale Cottard Olsson, had over the years curated several theme exhibitions with invited designers and wanted to publish a book with portraits of all the seventeen designers who exhibited at her gallery.

At the same time as the book was released, an exhibition with all the designers opened in New York. Both the book and the exhibition caught much attention, which resulted in an extensive tour for the exhibition.

When the exhibition was shown at The Swedish Institute in Minneapolis in 2010, we were invited to take part in the grand opening cermony and hold lectures about our work.

Furniture and storing

Sometimes when we design a piece of furniture, we try to stretch the using of it by adding an extra function or make an interesting combination with another material. We have designed some pieces of furniture to different occasions like interior design projects, collections, own production or exhibitions.


“Fire, walk with me” – a combined trolley and stand for firewood in metal and naturally tanned Tärnsjö leather. Design and production

“Doors” – a key cabinet in laquered metal. Nordiska Galleriet Collection. Design Barbro Berlin

“White Flower” and “Black Flower” – tables in metal and acrylic glass. Separate exhibition at Gallery Pascale. Design Barbro Berlin.

“PS Matsal” – cupboard storage for glass and porcelain in  wood and acrylic glass. Especially designed for PS Matsal, studio for cooking and styling. Design Pia Amsell

“Krakel” – collapsible stool in oak, fabrics and hemp. Beckman Design Collection for R.O.O.M. Design Barbro Berlin.

Collections for BodaNova

Barbros collaboration with BodaNova has resulted in several glass collections as well as cutlery, trays, napkins and oil cloths.

The collaboration started with Barbro winning a design competition held to celebrate Boda Nova’s 25th Anniversary. Her entry ”Olive”, designed during her years at Beckman’s School of Design, won first prize and was then produced by BodaNova.

Starting with Olive, Barbro then designed several exclusive glass collections such as Twist and Circle with mouth blown drinking glass with hand-cut decors and a tactile feeling. Each collection had about 10 different pieces each.

For other glass collections Barbro explored decors in different techniques like diarit, screen print and sandblast. The techniques made it possible to produce designed drinking glass with a personal and attractive expression at a low cost. One of the ranges, the expressionistic JOY, was sold in tube packages and became Boda Nova’s biggest sale success.

Alcro AD 08 & Casa Cor exhibition

When we contributed to the international interior design concept Casa Cor, we wanted to combine the playful and uplifting with the functional.

Our mission was to design a breakfast room for an excentric, fictional family. In order to set a playful and uplifting morning atmosphere in the room, we designed the wall sticker ”Flora” to add both organic shapes and our favourite yellow colour to the white room. Both the wall sticker and the colour we choose were released as part of the Swedish painting manufacturer Alcro’s designer collection ”AD”

The colours we choosed for Alcro was a bright greenish yellow called Pistill, a soft pink called Gräddnos and a dark cerise called Flamingo.

To maximize the functionality of the breakfast room, we designed a sideboard that could be used both for storing and serving: we made it a bit higher than a usual sideboard, 90 cm, so the doors also could function as serving table.  We also made a set of three tables that could work as both sofa tables and side tables in order to maximize the flexibility of the room.

Greeting cards for Ordning&Reda

During a period of 4 years, Pia used to design items like bags and greeting cards for the renowned Swedish brand Ordning&Reda

Ordning&Reda designs, produces and distributes a range of high quality personal items for a creative urban target group, like notebooks, bags and accessories. The products are easily recognisable because of a pure and simple Scandinavian style and they are sold worldwide, both in own shops and shop-in-shops,

The pictures show some examples of the graphics Pia designed. The card collection are exclusive made with foliage and various relief techniques on thick paper and includes cards for all occasions like babybirth, birthdays, marriage and Christmas.

Jordan home collection

The Norwegian company Jordan wanted to re-new their design collection in cleaning products, including dish brushes and cleaning cloths.

Based on the theme ”Glocal”, Barbro created organic patterns that reflected how global trends meet local behaviour. Barbro wanted to show how influences from all over the world are a natural part of our homes today. The patterns have names such as ”Kimono”, ”Masala” and ”Western” based on the origin of the inspiration. The collection could be seen as a design trip around the world.

Textile Collection ”Hanna/Hannele” for Ikea

Hannele is a textile collection with ten different patterns, printed on fabric, bed linen and cushions.

IKEA wanted us to design a collection with a strong feeling of spring and summer. The design was supposed to be happy, fruity, mixed and colourful and attract a many people. We created bold and vivid patterns with dots, flowers, stripes, leaves and a palette of colours that made it easy to mix.

Exhibition objects for Gallery Pascale

During the years, we have designed objects for several theme exhibitions at Gallery Pascale. This was a great opportunity to test ideas and experiment with materials without thinking of commercial demands or manufacturing restraints.

In the pictures you see the vase ”Pistill” in mouthblown glass, the candleholder ”Woody” in turned wood, The children lamp “Paddan” with a fluorescent frog and ”Shell”, a giant mouthblown glassbowl (width 50 cm) designed by Pia and the candleholder ”Flinga” in wool felt and glassbeads, the vase ”Singoalla” made from bathing suits materials and glass designed by Barbro.

Own production

Out first collection as fresh graduates from Beckman’s School of Design was a concept for the dinner table based on combining design and craftmanship with smart product features.

We designed products with double functions, which were manufactured by small, skilled workshops in Sweden. The products were sold in design shops in Sweden, London and Berlin.

For the task, we had founded our first design studio, Formbyrå 4, with two other fellow graduates from Beckman’s. We wanted to design, produce and sell our own products and learn the whole value chain of design. The project gave us a deep understanding of materials and manufacturing as well as sales and retail.

The collection was also included in the exhibition Angles Suedoise, which was an exhibition curated by Pascale Cottard Olson. It was first shown in Le Institute Culturel Suedoise in Paris and then went on tour in different cities in Europe and to the Design Biennale in St Etienne.

We continued to develop products in co-operation with Gustavsbergs porslinfabrik and Skrufs glasbruk, which are shown in the pictures.

Storage solutions for Bigso

Pia has for a couple of years on a regular basis re-vitalized the range of storage solutions for Bigso Box of Sweden.

She designed new models, patterns and colours for the collections with the strive to keep the collection alive and up to date. Bigso Box of Sweden is a family company in Småland, founded 1963. They make storage solutions for home and office made of recycled fibreboard and paper laminate, selling worldwide.

A new collection is released every year.